Open Burning

Open Burning takes place April 15th through May 15th & October 15th through November 30th. It applies to leaves, plant clippings or lawn residue grown or produced on the owners land. Any other materials are not covered by the Open Burning Ordinance Sec. 7-14(5) and will require a Burn Permit.

Burn Permits are required at least one day in advance of burning. All burning must be approved through the Paris Fire & Rescue Department. To obtain a permit, please call (262) 498-2593 or the Fire/Rescue Office at (262) 859-3009. f no answer, please leave a message and your call will be returned.

Opening Burning Ordinance

(1) “No person shall kindle or maintain any bonfire, brush fire, burn off grass, hay, open fields, or crop residue (such as straw, corn stalks, bean stalks) construction materials or other waste, rubbish or residue, without first obtaining approval from the Fire Chief.”

(2) A person requesting approval to burn may contact the Fire Department in person or by telephone, state the location of the premises in which the fire is to take place, the type of material to be burned, the person to be in charge of the burning, and what steps are taken to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas or building. The Fire Chief may visit the site and determine whether or not to approve the requested burning, and if approved, the Fire Chief may impose conditions or restrictions as to the burning activity.

(3) There shall be no fee for issuing approval for burning.

(4) No person shall set any fire on any Town street, road, County Trunk Highway, State roadway, any alleyway or any public lands, unless approval is obtained from the Fire Chief and the Chairperson of the Town Board.

(5) This section shall not apply to leaves , plant clippings, or lawn residue grown or produced on the owners land commencing on the 15th day of April and continuing through the 15th day of May, and from the 15th day of October through the 30th day of November. This exception shall apply only to leaves, plant clippings, or lawn residue grown or produced on the particular land where burning is permitted by this Section and shall not apply to leaves, plant clippings, or lawn residue which shall originate from any other land or source regardless of ownership.

Domestic Burning Excepted:

Except as may be limited or prohibited by State Statute or Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations Administrative Code, this section shall not apply to domestic burning of household refuse and debris, provided that such burning is done in a non-combustible receptacle and with an appropriate screen cover.

If you have any further questions regarding, open burning, please feel free to contact the Town of Paris Fire Department.

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