Permit Fees

Residential Fees:

$1500.00              Performance Bond (same for new residential/non-residential)

$35.00                   State Sticker for New Home

$90.00                   Property Number Sign Fee for New, Missing or Damaged Beyond Repair

$30.00                   Plan Review

$.25 Per Sq. Ft. for New Homes and Additions ($75.00 minimum)

$.20 Per Sq. Ft. on Remodeling and Detached Residential ($75.00 minimum)

$.05 Per Sq. Ft. on Agricultural Buildings ($75.00 minimum)

$.05 Per Sq. Ft. for New Plumbing in Any Structure ($75.00 minimum)

$30.00                   Plumbing Permit Initial Fee Plus $5.00 Per Fixture or Water Connection for Replacement

$.05 Per Sq. Ft. for Electric Permit on Any Type Building, Alteration of Addition ($75.00 minimum)

$.05 Per Sq. Ft. for New Heating in Residential ($75.00 minimum)

$.06 Per Sq. Ft. for New Heating in Commercial ($75.00 minimum)

$65.00                   Heating Permit for Replacement Furnace

$65.00                   A/C Permit for New/Replacement Central Air Conditioning

$65.00                   Fireplace Permit for New/Replacement

$65.00                   Pool Permit

$65.00                   Deck Permit

$65.00                   Roof Permit

$75.00                   Erosion Control Permit

$65.00                   Fence Permit

$75.00                   Culvert Permit (except on County Highways)

$75.00                   for Moving a Building

$110.00                 Sign Permit

$90.00                   Razing a Residence or Out Building

$1500.00               Structural Training Burn

$45.00                   Change of Use Permit

Commercial Fees:

 $.50/ft  Commercial Occupancy-$75.00 ($100.00 minimum)

$25.00 per Thousand, Commercial Remodel

Fees based on Chapter 5

Building Inspector:

Don Fox
24401 52nd St.
Salem, WI 53168-9597
Office Hours: 6:00 am – 7:30 am Monday through Friday – (262) 488-8850

Make Checks Payable: Town of Paris

All Bonds Refunded to Owner

There will be a $15.00 charge per inspection visit after 7 visits.

After two(2) failed inspections, there will be a re-inspection charge of $35.00

NSF Checks Will Have a $35.00 Charge Added: The Job Will Be Red Tagged and All Work Stopped

Double Permit Fees if Work Starts Before Permits Are Issued

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