Paris Legacy Committee  

Legacy Committee Guidelines.


  • The Committee will meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Paris Town Hall.
  • All meeting shall be posted and open to the public.
  • Meeting notices and meeting minutes will be posted on the Town of Paris website.
  • Public input shall be welcome and solicited.
  • Every three months, the Legacy Committee will report to the Town Board at the regular, monthly Town Board Meeting.
  • The Legacy Committee does not have a budget. There will be no spending without prior Town Board approval.
  • The Legacy Committee shall explore options for a community development and present them to the Paris Town Board.
  • The Paris Town Board shall select and/or reject any such options and shall hold final decision making authority.



Any questions or concerns you have should be emailed to

Paris Legacy Committee April 11,2018 Minutes

Paris Legacy Committee.May 9th, 2018

Paris Legacy Committee.July 11th, 2018

Paris Legacy Committee.September 12 2018

Paris Legacy Committee.October 10, 2018

    Legacy Minutes October 10th

    Paris Legacy Committee November 2018…/paris-plan-commission-special-minutes-2-25-19.doc 

Paris Legacy Committee March 2019

On behalf of the Town of Paris and the Town Board appointed Legacy Committee, the Town of Paris Plan Commission hosted a presentation and open house on February 25, 2019 to share with the community several possible projects that have been suggested from the committee’s investigation and community input.  The purpose of this open house was to share a concept plan, present sample budgets and receive feedback and suggestions from the community.  No action was taken at this meeting – this meeting was held for the sharing of information and ideas.


The intent of the Legacy Committee is to present possible plans as a starting point for community discussion and input. To view the conceptual plans for potential town projects researched by the Legacy Committee, as presented to our community on February 25, 2019, please click below:

town of paris community center 2_25_19


Paris Legacy Committee April 2019