Paris Legacy Committee  

Legacy Committee Guidelines.

  • The Committee will meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Paris Town Hall.
  • All meeting shall be posted and open to the public.
  • Meeting notices and meeting minutes will be posted on the Town of Paris website.
  • Public input shall be welcome and solicited.
  • Every three months, the Legacy Committee will report to the Town Board at the regular, monthly Town Board Meeting.
  • The Legacy Committee does not have a budget. There will be no spending without prior Town Board approval.
  • The Legacy Committee shall explore options for a community development and present them to the Paris Town Board.
  • The Paris Town Board shall select and/or reject any such options and shall hold final decision making authority.



Paris Legacy Committee April 11,2018 Minutes

Paris Legacy Committee.May 9th, 2018

Paris Legacy Committee.July 11th, 2018