Town of Paris Safety Building Use/ Meeting Protocol

Town of Paris

Safety Building Use/ Meeting Protocol

In keeping with the directives from Governor Evers and Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser, the Town of Paris has adopted the following procedures:

  • The Town of Paris Fire and Rescue Department is closed to public access to ensure that proper sanitation protocols for the station and squads are maintained.
  • The Town Hall office is currently open during posted hours, but the public is encouraged to conduct as much business via the phone or internet as possible.  As the situation develops, we may need to further limit access to the Town Hall.
  • The Town Board will meet as needed, using open meeting regulations, but will limit Town business on agendas.  Items that might be of larger interest to the public and would attract more potential attendance will be postponed.  As much seating as possible while maintaining the Governor’s six-foot social distancing directive will be made available for the public.  Anyone arriving after all such seats are taken, and anyone suffering from a fever, or from coughing or sneezing bouts, will be asked to leave.
  • Other Town committees and commissions will only meet for pressing concerns.  The public is encouraged to postpone requests that would trigger the need to convene these groups.
  • The Town is requesting that property owners consider delaying non-essential projects that require the issuance of building permits and inspections.  This is a fluid situation and will involve the consideration of the safety and health of the building inspector.
  • Elections:  This will be a fluid item – subject to additional input from health officials and the State Election Commission.  At the present time, it appears that the April election will be held as planned with in person voting allowed.  The Town is in the process of developing procedures to safeguard the health of both voters and the poll workers.  Absentee voting is being encouraged.

The residents of the Town of Paris have always been proactive and caring.  During this unsettling time, we will count on that tradition, going about our lives in a common-sense manner, watching out for each other and coming out on the other side of this event, a strong and caring community.

John Holloway, Chair, Paris Town Board