Protocol – Use of Paris Town Hall Coronavirus response

Protocol – Use of Paris Town Hall

Coronavirus response

To maximize the safety of everyone working in and using the Town Hall/Fire and Rescue Station, I am suggesting the following:

  1. The purchase of adequate supplies of hand sanitizer dispensers, boxes of facial tissues, paper towels and disinfecting wipes.  These should be placed at points within the Town Hall where the public tends to stop and touch surfaces. (counters, desktops, doorways) Consider purchasing and placing additional small wastebaskets around the facility to encourage the proper disposal of tissues and wipes.
  • If supplies are available, purchase disposable face masks that can used by individuals with a cough.
  • Ensure that there are adequate supplies of latex gloves for staff to use, if desired, while performing cleaning in town hall. 
  • All door knobs and counter spaces that the public regularly comes into contact with should be wiped down with disposable wipes at least daily.  Employees are encouraged to wipe down work spaces regularly.
  • Consider limiting the number and length of meetings for now.  It will be the goal to continue to meet deadlines and complete town business in a timely manner.
  • Reduce the number of chairs at each table in the meeting hall to encourage more space between attendees.  Consider posting notices that spacing is encouraged and that anyone that is coughing or sneezing will be politely encouraged to leave for the safety of others in attendance.
  • Encourage attendees to limit or avoid personal contact – friendly – without the handshake.
  • Encourage people to consider their health status prior to attending public meetings.  Stay in communication with members to determine whether the necessary people will be available to achieve a quorum if needed for a meeting.
  • Fire and Rescue leadership team has already adopted protocol for response to the situation.  Strict adherence to leadership directives is required.
  1. Consider limiting the use of the town hall by public groups for now.  Consider drafting a supplement to town hall rental agreement for health concerns – user clean-up to include wiping down of all tables, counters and door knobs (inside and entry way) with disinfecting wipes.  Consider an extra fee to offset additional cleaning supplies and time.
  1. Share information:  If it is determined that any official, employee or public member that has used the town hall is diagnosed with coronavirus, that information and the dates of exposure will be shared with the town so that anyone potentially exposed can evaluate their own health.
  1. Common sense – I am not in favor of overreacting, but I do not want to minimize the actions we can take to encourage the continued health of our friends and neighbors.  Let’s take the appropriate and sensible actions to provide a safe and healthy environment to work and interact in.

John Holloway

Chair – Town of Paris