Town Board Meeting Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Town Board Meeting            Tuesday, September 25, 2018


  1. Call to Order: 7:10 pm
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call: Present:  Virgil Gentz, Ron Kammerzelt, and Ken Monson.
  4. Approval of Minutes: TBM:  August 28, 2018:  Motion to approve made by Ron Kammerzelt; Second, Ken Monson; Passed 3-0.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: Motion to approve by Ken Monson; Second, Ron Kammerzelt; Passed 3- 0.
  6. Citizen Comments:

Scott Broad, 3135 213th Avenue.  He is hosting a free Halloween event at his home on October 27 – 31st from 7:00 pm – 9:30.  Sponsors are Uline and Community Bank.   Kenosha County has jurisdiction over such events (not the Town).  Mr. Broad has been in contact with the County and is in compliance with all regulations.  Paris Fire Chief Roland Iwen will inspect the property for access to emergency vehicles.

  1. Supervisor’s Comments

Ron Kammerzelt noted that the investment portfolio is performing well.  Ron also addressed issues relating to Mueller Communications specifically the missed deadlines and lack of communication.  Ron had to call the president of the company to get a response.

Ken Monson had a number of contacts with residents along Hwy A.  Also several residents at the intersection of Hwy 142 and Hwy 45 complained about noise from semi-engines braking.  Monson reported on the emergency road repair on 9th Street and Hwy 45.  Monson also met with residents on Hwy MB to discuss paving issues with Kenosha County.

Ken Monson would like to see a few revisions to the Sex Offender Appeal process regarding deadlines for requested information from the applicant.  This would give the Board time to review the application before the hearing.  He would also like to discuss charging a fee for cancelations.

Virgil Gentz stating the traffic and trucking issues will continue to be an ongoing problem and the Board will continue to work with the residents to minimize impact.  Gentz stated he is proud of the people in this Town and the way they are willing to work with the Town Board to move Paris forward.

  1. Fire & Rescue: Chief Roland Iwen

Roland thanked everyone for their support in the recent loss of his father.

Kenosha County is changing the radio frequency at midnight on October 3rd.  Paris radios are good to go.

  1. Planning Commission: Chairman John Holloway

John reported an active month taking to buyers, realtors and residents.

John attended the WHEDA Housing Summit in Racine.  Possible housing needs were discussed.  Most municipalities are not looking for urban sprawl.  Rather they are looking for high density, multi- family housing in areas already serviced by sewer and water.

WE Energies has reached out to homeowners along the Des Plaines River with the intent to purchase land to offset environmental issues.  The 15 – 40 acre tracks would be take farmland out of production.  WE Energies cannot compel the owners to sell.

As Somers has appointed the I-94 Commission members, the full commission is in place and prepared to meet if needed.

  1. Town Business:

The following items are open for discussion and possible action:

  1. Mike Buxbaum, WM Pheasant Run, report on recent waste intake.

Mr. Buxbaum reported two Milwaukee area landfills are expanding.  As a result, internal tonnages at Pheasant Run have increased and will stay up until December.  Ken Monson spoke to Kim Howarth, WM Attorney for Paris, to confirm this is in compliance with the current contract.

Pheasant Run will be open to residents until 4:00 pm and every Saturday 9:00 –Noon.

  1. Roger Gahart presenting for the Legacy Committee.

Mr. Gahart was prepared to present two comparable proposals for land planning services, both $8,500 – $10,000.  As there were questions regarding the cost of a septic system, parking, drain water and the possibility of the need to purchase additional land around the school, both companies agreed to modify the contract if needed.  However, recently a native of Paris, Todd Peyron, a Civil Engineer and Planner with Camosy Construction, offered to work with the Legacy Committee at no cost.  The Board thanked Mr. Peyron and noted they would like to see a ballpark estimate and they would like to know if the project was feasible.

  1. Resolution No. R18-9-25: Resolution Requesting that Kenosha County Conduct the Required Traffic Study and Implement a Reduction in the Current 55 MPH Speed Limit for CTH “A” (180th Avenue) between CTH “D” and State Highway 142.

This is in response to a petition from residents along 180th Avenue.  Ron and Tim had conversations with Kenosha County and were told the County would need to do a traffic study before the speed limit could be lowered.  Kenosha County requires a Resolution to show that the Town is on board.

  1. Resolution No. R18-9-25-B: Resolution Requesting that Kenosha County Conduct the Required Traffic Study and Implement a Reduction in the Current 55 MPH Speed Limit in the Vicinity of the 13400 Block of CTH “A”.

Ron Kammerzelt made a motion to approve both Resolutions, No. R18-9-25 and R-18-9-25-B; Second, with discussion, by Ken Monson.  Monson stated that people tend not to understand the role of the Town Board when dealing with county roads.  They should have gone to the county and he noted Paris County Board Supervisor Skalintsky was not very helpful.  Mr. Gahart, Principal at Paris Grade School, noted there are 13 students at one bus stop and 6 students in another.  Vote on the motion:  Passed 3- 0.

  1. Donation to Paris School Organization for $300.00 for the Halloween Party.

Motion to approve made by Ken Monson; Second, Ron Kammerzelt; Passed 3-0.

  1. Upcoming Dates:

Town Board Meeting:  October 23, 2018; November 17, 2018; December TBA

Election:  Tuesday:  Tuesday, November 11, 2018

  1. Adjourn: 8:17 PM on a Ron Kammerzelt; Second, Ken Monson; Passed 3- 0.